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inner child healing to discover the true heart of your personality and soul
Inner Child Healing

Bringing Light to the Separation

held within the Heart

of your Divine Child

The Inner Child is the true heart of our personality and Soul.

The creative, sensitive, playful, spontaneous, innocence, pure essence of all that we are. 

Our Inner Child has a fundamental impact on our life as a whole and all that we do,

governing many of the decisions we make today.


The Inner Child is the part of our consciousness that has been present within us

ever since we were conceived, its primary need is to seek love, connection and safety.

This part of our consciousness remembers everything we have experienced,

particularly within the first 7 years.  These memories are stored within our unconsciousness

as beliefs, programs, emotional patterns and trauma ~ shaping us into who we are today.


Understanding and healing one’s Inner Child is crucial

for overcoming limiting thoughts, mental blocks, trauma or emotional heart ache.

These patterns can create dis-ease within our subtle bodies and mind causing us to feel emotional pain broken or a victim of our circumstances.

Healing these parts of our consciousness allows us to reclaim our power

and know we are loved and safe just as we are ~ free to express our true nature.

This healing program allows you to connect with your Inner Child

in a very gentle, loving, compassionate way. A meditative hypnosis is used

to support you to gently heal and resolve any separation held within your consciousness

between your Child and Adult Self. This allows both to may come together as One

so you no longer feel sad, angry, fearful or unsafe.

You are able to create a new relationship together built on love, trust, honour and respect. 

Inner child healing
Inner Child Healing
90 minutes ~ $120  
Bringing Love & Connection
to the Heart of
Your Inner Child  

In person or online via zoom.
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