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transformational healing with Universal rays
Universal Ray Healing
A Powerful Transformational Healing Process 
to balance Body, Mind & Soul


Are you feeling unhappy, stuck or confused in life?

Are you seeking greater fulfilment and direction?

Do you feel attached to old ways of living that are making you unhappy?

Universal Ray Healing will assist you to shift and transform negative thoughts, stuck emotions and old unconscious programs limiting you from experiencing your greatest potential of health and wellbeing 

- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

These sessions assist you to target specific areas of your consciousness that need assistance

to create more peace, harmony and balance in your life.

With the assistance of these high frequency Universal Plasmic Rays, unresolved energy of separation (karma) held within your energy field is transformed into light, uplifting your consciousness, deepening your Soul connection and bringing your chakras, meridians and subtle bodies into a greater state of balance and harmony,

to experience true wholeness, peace and love within.

If you wish to experience a more fulfilling life of greater purpose and higher potential don't wait

and gift yourself this transformational healing now.

Universal Rays Healing
Universal Ray Healing

Initial Session: 180 mins ~ $200
2nd Session: 120 mins ~ $150

3rd Session: 120 mins ~ $150


When you shift your consciousness

true healing occurs on all levels of your being -

physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. 


Note: To achieve the greatest shift

it is recommended to receive

3 healing sessions within 3 months.

Initial sessions also include a detailed Soul Reading.

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