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Path of the One Heart Mystery school
Path of the One Heart
Mystery School

Starting Mid 2024
Journey into the Mastery of your Soul Mission

The Path of the One Heart School is a deep dive into your Soul purpose as a Lightworker. This training comes from the channelled wisdom of a group of 12 Christed Masters who taught the Essenes to be Lightworkers thousands of years ago. These Christed Masters* call Lightworkers Jani Taras and have now stepped forward to teach you the same fundamental principles they taught the Essenes. Through this work they show you how to walk the path of mission as well as offering powerful and life-changing energy activations and dispensations that support you to step more deeply into your divine truth.


This Mystery School offers all Jani Taras a foundation on which to build their path to manifest their true Soul mission on Earth. 

The first level of this Sacred Mystery School creates the foundation for you to walk your journey with grace and ease. It shows you how to realign all 12 blueprints in each of the 12 energy bodies that make up your Auric Field and body of light. It supports you to activate the consciousness of the 12 pillars of action that align to the divine principles of creation from God Source.

The second level of this Sacred Mystery School teaches you about the mission your Soul has come to anchor on Earth and shows you how you can do this in a profound way.

The third level of this Sacred Mystery School completes the training with a profound awakening to your true purpose and how you may anchor it into your life and share it with others.

As you begin this school you will receive a channeled Angelic Higher Self name (this is the name of your own  higher consciousness from the Angelic Realms of divine service) . You will also receive a personal focus for the year, the name of one Ascended Master who will guide you, an Archangelic being who will work with you and the pillars of service that you personally need. All of this divine support will assist you on this years journey into the mystery.

* The 12 Christed Masters who oversoul this Mystery School are Mary Magdalene, Lord Sananda, Lord Maitreya, Lady Sarah, Mother Mary, Dwjal Khul, Kuthumi, Venus Kumara, Lady Nada, Babaji, Quan Yin, and Lady Ishtar.

If you wish to open your heart to your Soul mission,

reclaim the unique gifts you hold,

anchor your pillar of divine light on Earth

and be in loving service

for the benefit of humanity ..

then please join us.

Come walk together with the Christed Masters

on this journey into the One Heart.

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