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Open To Channel
Co-create with your Divine Spirit

Starting Mid 2024

For Anyone Wishing to

Deepen your Spiritual Connection,

Open to Greater Parts of Self

& Live from a Higher Potential.


Open To Channel is a 12 month program which will take you on a profound journey of self discovery and transformation, diving deep within and awakening to the truth of All That You Are.


Created by In'easa Mabu Ishtar, an Embodied Master Channel with over 20 years direct training experience from a Council of 33 Ascended Masters, you will be taken step by step through a process of 40 Lessons of channelled teachings and activations from the Ascended Masters and Ishtar's learnt experience. These teaching will show you how to open your channel pillar and deeply connect with your Higher Self's loving guidance and support. Receive greater access to the divine wisdom .. divine love .. divine light .. and divine gifts of your Divine Self.

You will learn step-by-step how to release and resolve old karmic energy which is limiting you here on the Earth and blocking you from accepting and igniting your Divine self within and reaching your highest potential. The Masters say "while the channel pillar is blocked or filled with old energy it cannot become a clear channel for your spiritual current to flow and therefore you are unable to open to the new in your life."


We all channel energy and consciousness .. the question to ask yourself is what or who are you channeling?

Open to Channel will teach you how to open and clear your channel pillar and allow your spiritual current to flow through you so that you can channel the highest levels of your Being and resolve those parts of you that do not support your Soul’s mastery. When this occurs you are able to receive divine messages, wisdom, sacred codes, sounds and images, with profound clarity and divine knowing.

The Masters refer to your channel pillar as, "the elevator that takes you up or down

and connects you with all that you are - the many amazing parts of you."

Benefits of this Course

If you remain committed to the work throughout these 12 months you then begin to .. 

Open to a higher potential in your life

Discover that you stop reacting to everything in your life

Find an inner peace and calm you have never known before

Open to receive the guidance and support that has always been there for you, yet often have been too distracted to receive

Make choices that serve you to move forward and become more of who you are

Open to the miracles that are available to you in each moment of your life

Accept and embrace your true gifts

Accept and manifest your Divine Self on the Earth


What Do You Receive in Your Student Package?

1 x 367-page student manual with 40 lessons and 100s of Tools

1 x welcome letter with the name of your assigned Ascended Master and the gift they bring to teach you.

96 x MP3 audio recordings of channels, meditations and lessons 

Membership to the Open to Channel Facebook (secure private) and/or messenger student group.

Assignment of a student Buddy – students will be grouped into pairs so they can work together for extra support.

Assignment of a Higher Self – includes the name of one of your Higher Self channelled for you by Ishtar and given to you approx 5 months after course begins.

Assignment of a special project that you will need to complete through the direct guidance of your Higher Self - the basic details of this is channelled for you by Ishtar.

On completion of the course a Certificate of Accreditation is issued to you.

Graduates may be invited to join the Mentors of Love and Wisdom Not for Profit organisation - an advanced group of students offering loving service to humanity in deep co-creation through the direct channel of a Higher Self.

Plus lots of extra tools, guidance and assistance offered by me throughout the course

If your soul is ready to open to the One Heart connection within you,

we welcome you to join us.



Open to Channel Self Mastery course
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