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soul readings to understand your souls purpose
Soul Readings
Everything you need is already within you 

Are you seeking to understand

your Soul's purpose ..

your strengths, weaknesses and life learnings?

Are you wanting more clarity, direction and higher guidance within your life? 

If so, a Universal Ray Soul Reading will support you to access guidance about

your Soul's Divine Plan.

Discover what you are here to experience, learn and master 

throughout your life as a Soul to find greating meaning and reach a higher potential.


Each of these Universal Rays hold a particular creation principle of the Universe ..

a specific code of energy and Universal truth.  Each ray will support you to remember your highest truth and give you the guidelines to shift

into a higher level of consciousness and wellbeing.

What Will You Discover in Your Soul Reading?

Each Ray within your Soul chart governs a different area of your life

and will share insights into  ..

what drives your behaviours and make choices you make.

Learn how to make new choices to create greater peace and happiness

for your Souls evolution.

 .. What You will also discover from each of these Rays is ..

Soul Ray ~ why you are here and what your Soul has come to learn so it can evolve;

Monad Ray  ~ what you are being asked to resolve and release in this lifetime;

Ego Ray ~ how you see yourself and wish to show to the world;

Emotional Ray ~ how you express your emotions and how these affect your life;

Mental Ray ~ how you think, use your intellect and how this affects your life;

Physical Ray ~ how you work with your physical body (vehicle of your Soul)

and interact with your physical environment;

Ancestral Ray ~ the gift you are here to bless to your family bloodline

through your own learning.

Universal Soul Readings
Soul Readings
60 minutes ~ $100  
Discover your Soul's Mastery  
In person or online via zoom.
All sessions are recorded.
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