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Welcome .. 

Be supported to birth into the greatest version of You and Live a Richer more fulfilling life of Wholeness, Authenticity, Love, Peace and Optimal Wellbeing.

Allow Rai'shael to show you the way .. 

Free 15 min Discovery calls are available to discuss your personal needs.

Note: All Heart Offerings may be received face-to-face locally, or online long distance worldwide.

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Healing into Wholeness

Transform Into the Greatest Version of You

Holistic Experiences of Transformation
for your Heart, Mind, Body & Soul

Healing with Universal rays

Universal Rays

This transformational healing process shifts old thoughts & programs,

& heals old emotions wounds.  

To experience greater

peace, harmony & balance 


Inner Child healing

Inner Child Healing

Heal separation between

your inner Child and Adult Self. 

Allowing you to feel safe, loved, supported, and empowered. Experience an

authentic, happy, fulfilled life full of unlimited potential. 

Open To Channel Self Mastery course

Open To Channel

Self Mastery Course

For everyone wishing to 

deepen their Spiritual connection, open to greater parts of Self

and live and create from a higher potential ..

each and every day!

Path of the One Heart Mystery School

Path of the One Heart

Mystery School 

Take a deep dive into discovering your Soul's Mastery and what is your Divine purpose as a Lightworker. Anchor your pillar of divine light here on the Earth and be in loving service to Humanity

Universal Soul Readings

Soul Readings

Discover what you truly are here to experience in your life, to learn and

Master as a Soul.

Using the principles of the Universal Rays of Creation be supported

to live an abundant, fulfilling life

of peace, love and joy!

Divine guidance and wisdom sessions

Divine Guidance

Magdalene Sessions

Receive divine guidance and wisdom from Rai'shael's Divine Presence

to support your Soul's evolutionary growth and experience greater peace, harmony and balance during these times of great change.

Heart Sharings
testimonials from Raishaels clients

"Thanks so much for everything Rai’shael! This was a transformative time with you and I am very grateful that I answered the call

to grow with you and the Ascended Masters." 

Ryan Bartlett - USA

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